Notiziario del Gruppo Italiano di Ricerca su "Origene e la tradizione alessandrina"


Newsletter of the Italian Research Group on "Origen and the Alexandrian Tradition"




"Adamantius" A Newsletter for Origenian and Alexandrian Research

Adamantius is the Newsletter of the "Italian Research Group on Origen and the Alexandrian Tradition", established in 1994 by six state universities (Chieti, Genova, Padova, Perugia, Pisa, Torino) and supported by the National Council for Research (C.N.R.), with the participation of several other scholars coming from different academic institutions. Its first aim is to document the activities of the Group in order to promote the study of Origen within the Alexandrian Judaic-Christian tradition. Besides this, it intends to provide a point of reference for the study and the research devoted more generally in Italy to the same complex of themes. In this way Adamantius hopes also to present itself to foreign research as a useful tool in order to get people acquainted with the work done in Italy and to foster the occasions for encounters and contacts between Italian and foreign scholars.

In its annual issue Adamantius supplies in the first section (1. Notiziario) information about the projects and programs of the Research Group and about the work in progress of its members, paying also attention to the teaching activities (dissertations and courses) of the Group members and other scholars. In the second section (2. Repertorio bibliografico) it records the members' publications, as also those of other Italian and foreign specialists. Some of the most recent contibutions, in the form both of articles and books, are the object of a more detailed presentation. The third section (3. Comunicazioni) contains reports on conferences related in some way to the research field investigated by the Group and the announcements of conferences to be held by the Group or other sponsors. It also informs on similar initiatives of study and cultural information, through seminars, lectures or talks, which aim to encourage the knowledge of Origen and of the Alexandrian tradition. The fourth section (4. Indirizzario) provides an up-to-date list of the members as of all those, in Italy and abroad, who would like to get in contact with the Group or to take part in its activities. A fifth section (5. Indici) contains lists of the biblical passages, of the origenian loci, and of the ancient and modern authors, to enable the readers to profit more easily from the information supplied by the Newsletter.

Adamantius is open to external collaboration. In this sense it will publish texts in the form both of short articles and of information on events and plans concerning the common field of Origenian and Alexandrian research.

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